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Asylum Angels

By Lucy Chapman, Aug 20 2018 10:50AM

‘Look Up There!’ - here’s my finished piece that I’ve been working on this week .

I made it for the charity PramDepot's ‘Asylum Angels’ exhibition - which is a collaboration of over 120 Artists including well known artists such as Tracy Emin and Rachael Whiteread, who have donated their Angelic works (the brief was ‘Angel’) to be displayed at The Karamel Cafe in Wood Green N22 next month, September 2018.

This collage was a really interesting experiment for me. At the moment, the biggest challenge for me is getting to the print studio - it is not really possible to fit in around work and childcare. So in this collage I was trying to find ways of layering images as I would in print. I started by experimenting using carbon paper for drawing onto tissue (so I didn’t tear or indent the tissue), to use in a collage - so I could layer it over a background image.

I tried mono printing the bottom layer of this image but the results weren’t great, so I tried a tissue paper collage, which worked better.

Then I layered of the drawing and added a fortune cookie fortune ’A Dream Will Soon Come True’ to finish the piece.

All the work will be auctioned online from September to raise funds for PramDepot. Their website will be fully up and running on Sept 7th 2018 - at spotlightonasylum.com

So, if you fancy this piece (or another one - there will be something for everyone) and to raise money for a great cause - please check out the website or come along to the exhibition.

The Spotlight on Asylum festival and exhibition is running between 7th September- 21st November 2018


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